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Are you:

Life Between Lives LBL Michael Newton and Morrin Bass New York

Dr. Michael Newton and Dr. Morrin Bass

1. On your personal self discovery journey, somewhat experienced in spiritual search, desiring to become more aware… Perhaps you experienced enlightenment, studied a spiritual methodology or meditate for years…

2.  In your midlife transition period, having experienced success in life, looking to make a decision, decide on a direction, find sense, meaning, wishing for further success in another area in your life…

3. Independent in your decisions and ready for transformative experiences, create your extraordinary future, with deeper sense of satisfaction from your life.

If your answer is “yes!”, on all 3, this journey is for you! Life between lives spiritual journey with Morrin Bass is a-must-have experience, so you can begin connecting with a deeper sense of balance, uplifting feeling of achievement, satisfaction, begin to create your own future, take control of the rest of your life.

Based on experiences described in the books by Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Morrin Bass, expertly leads you to your sense of connection with your inner purpose and soul fulfillment, love and enlightenment.

Morrin’s over two-decade extensive background in the field of spiritual hypnotherapy is reflected through teaching, client work, media appearances, her own book publishing, speaker presentations and international teaching success. Specialization in Dr. Michael Newton methodology paved Morrin’s success as international spiritual metaphor coach and instructor.

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What clients say:

I was very skeptical coming to Life Between Lives discovery.

Morrin Bass 20 years in LBL

I needed to find the meaning of my life, to appraise what I have achieved. I am 53 years old. I wanted to reconcile the death of my mother and my feelings around it. I read the books by Michael Newton, but I wasn’t sure if that would work for me. I have never done any of such type of work before. When I read about it, it seemed fantastical, and I wanted to have that experience. I am not sure what happened, but in my session, suddenly, I believed I could do it. I think you did your magic with me, Morrin,;) I got to see who I amIn this session for the first time ever in my life I began to have hope when realized why I am here. It was an eye-opening experience. I felt myself channeling the wisdom, the truth, like I was a whole different person, and I liked myself! it was – WOW! – an amazing feeling! I never felt like this before! …Certainly, everyone should go through your process, it is a very enlightening and deeply satisfying experience. Thank you again.” Sonia, 35



I was obsessing about death, I was afraid, and it affected my daily experience. I had a 3-months old daughter, and a 7-year old son, and I wasn’t myself in my daily life. The first person I thought of who can help me, was your Morrin. I knew with your skill you can bring me back to life. I wanted my life back together again. And I was right. Now, 2 weeks later, I am still leated, excited about my life and began to put my attention to the important things I need to accomplish and with pleasure. Thank you!” Mary 37

Do you ever ask yourself these fundamental questions:


If you have a thought or a belief that is nagging you about

  • your place in the Universe, or
  • the meaning of your life,
  • looking for satisfaction,

you are in the right place here.

Life Between Lives hypnotic regression is a light on your life, and an opportunity for you to see yourself from a different perspective, inform yourself about yourself, and find out what to do next. You will receive your own access to your own guidance, the innermost, wisest place, where you can get a peaceful advice and guidance, further steps to take in relation to your intention, and life direction, from the most trusted authority, your Higher Self.  


Hello, I am Morrin Bass. Let me tell you how fascinated I am about in-between lives regression. I became interested in Life Between Lives as a natural progression of my spiritual research and work with clients. By the time I met Dr. Newton, I had already had my established hypnotherapy practice, specializing in spirituality and transpersonal regressions, since 2001.


Michael Newton Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

Click to buy this book now – Michael Newton, PhD, Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

As soon as Michael Newton’s research Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy came to my attention, I studied with him, and since then specialize in transpersonal journeys. I conducted over 1000 sessions of Life Between Lives.

Now I specialize in delivering extra-ordinary experiences through spiritual regression to clients who want to learn their purpose and transform their lives to find fulfillment, love and satisfaction.

What a powerful discovery!” Dr. Newton says in one of his interviews: “It is incredible what you can do in Life Between Lives 2-3 hours that psychotherapy cannot do in 3 years.”

With Life Between Lives process you tap into the Unknown, into your endless reservoir of eternal wisdom and learn about your soul.

Michael Newton Destiny of Souls

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Plan your session with Morrin Bass, and discover what Your soul has planned for you so you can make up your mind about your life’s direction.



You uncover who you truly are, at your core, your purpose.People who experienced powerful influence of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy report easier time making life choices, important strategic decision and as a result becoming freer, calmer, more excited about their lives.

Read what others are saying about their LBL journeys with Morrin Bass.

Michael Newton, now a retired psychotherapist, and a founder of The Newton Institute, comes off as a gentle quiet soul with deep understanding of inner spiritual process in each client. He devoted over 30 years of his profesional career to developing his Life Between Lives theory and work with spiritual regression. He discovered that in hypnosis people easily access the awareness of their own soul, their soul’s “home base”, and their wisdom and creativity come to the forefront. Since I worked with Michael Newton’s techniques, I see, that in higher consciousness first hand knowledge of life purpose and agreement to let go of past limitations becomes available possible and desirable.

Dr. Newton witnessed thousands of client healing sessions, which created thebasis for him to author his books on the subject of spiritual regression, describing his theory and his patients’ experiences in Journey of SoulsDestiny of Souls, and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. The process of LBL, Life Between Lives regression, became a link to a space of wisdom and spirit guidance for those who are in search of personal fulfillment through transpersonal awareness.

Michael Newton Journey of Souls
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Other quotes from Dr. Michael Newton:

“As we grow in our awareness so will the quality of our existence. This is how we are tested. Passing the test is our destiny.” Michael Newton, PH.D. Auth

or of Life Between Lives, Destiny of Souls. 

“The proper description for a Life Between Lives Practitioner is “Healer” rather than “Therapist”. What we do could be best described as Hypnotherapeutic Transpersonal Psychology which has evolved from the great esoteric teachings of all spiritual traditions.” Michael Newton, On Spiritual Regression and Psychology of Self.

In transpersonal psychology all physical boundaries are illusory because of the mind extensions into the higher consciousness and interconnectedness of all things.” Michael Newton.

spiritual regression Michael Newton




Morrin Bass, PhD, Founder of New York Awareness Center and Michael Newton, PhD, Author, Founder of The Newton Institute, home of Spiritual Regression.


Get familiar with Morrin’s spiritual background.


Listen to Morrin’s BlogTalk Radio Show Gamma Hypnosis – Staying In The Light  – here.


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What Clients Say:

"It's really truly like a switch has just been turned on! :)" Dr. Joe, 57
"Удивительное чудо соединения с собственным "Я"... Наталья, 38
"You helped open the channel for wisdom, and now I feel connected to my soul." Nick, 49
"Dear Morrin, thank you for your important work. You are an amazing being, and a wise teacher! ...In my insightful and very informative session I felt truly connected to my higher self, my purpose and the depth of "ME." I experienced such a download of truly amazing information, that it seems so easy and effortless to connect the dots in my life now. ...This is what I was looking for. Thank you!" Amanda, 46

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What Morrin’s Clients Say:

Morrin, Many positive experiences have come my way since my LBL session. More in the form of new people and events and awareness than in solutions or acquisitions. ... I was able to listen to our session this morning. Actually, I listened to just a small part of it. I decided to listen to it in chewing, savoring and digesting, so I don't miss anything. The sound of your voice alone gave me a sense of peace. It's most interesting to hear my personality change throughout the session... I'm so grateful to have a chance to listen to it. I can feel myself tapping into my LBL guides on such a personal level. I am re-reading your book ''Staying in the Light". It has taken on a new meaning since my LBL session with you. Thank you! ~Peace and Love

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Morrin Bass, Staying In the Light - 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul, book, order on

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