Each client will sign this form. 

I understand that I enroll in this program voluntarily on the basis of my own research and that New York Awareness Center, or Morrin Bass personally, are not responsible for any results, findings, experiences, or consequences of transformative results that may occur, expected or unexpected, and that there are no refunds. I understand that I am responsible for actively cooperating with my guide, Morrin Bass, and participating in my program.  I understand that my physical or mental condition, any addictions, drug use, or psychotropic medication may prevent my results from being those of my expectation and I have no claims for Morrin Bass or New York Awareness Center in that regard.  I understand that during the session I will be hypnotized and that I willingly allow the information from the session to be recorded for my later use. I acknowledge that I familiarized myself with the meditations and lecture I was provided about the topic of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and I understand that nothing is done TO me, just WITH me. I understand and acknowledge that my session is unique and that guarantees of results cannot be provided. I understand that all comments, findings, notes, recordings and results about me are kept strictly confidential and belong to New York Awareness Center. As I agree to sign up for my session, it is my  choice and I type my name below as my signature in acknowledgement of the above.



I understand that in the case of my dissatisfaction I will not take any legal or otherwise action against Morrin Bass personally or professionally, and that any action of defamation is punishable by law and will be reciprocated with legal action.