Dreams of Past Lives…. or Are They Really Dreams?

Interesting concept of a different reality experience in a dream…. maybe it’s a parallel reality, or maybe … a past life….? A question of how we receive information when we are not looking for it is a subject of a serious study for those seekers who are analytical and skeptical for their hypnotic trance experiences… For them the information may come synchronistically through another source: a TV program, or their own child announcing the answer, or a book that falls into their lap through a recommendation, or an  and experience derivation, or… a dream…

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My own first experience of a past life concept came through a night on the edge of my bathtub in the only well-lit room where I locked myself to be undisturbed, while o

thers while I read about it…. an experience which is described in my book Staying in the Light, The 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul


(2013)... I truly was in shock reading about experiences of a patient named “Catherine” in the now-main-stream and well-known book by Dr. Brian Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters. Catherine spontaneously recalled her past lives and between lives experiences over the 8 months of her weekly therapy sessions… I was so engrossed in the book and I wanted my own experience… Yet I was not in therapy… Years have passed before I found someone who was a perfect fit for me to have a session without months of therapy around it…

When I first had my past lives experience with a professional, at the dawn of my interest in it, I wondered, how closely that experience resembles dreams I had in my earlier years, when I EXPERIENCED myself as someone else… Or other times with a colleague professional

hypnotherapist, when I allowed the story to unfold…  And wondered if that is really what I was?… Sometimes I saw myself as a man, yes (!):), with all the accoutrements…, another time as a girl in a foreign countryside I never visited, shot in the back during the WWII… and yet another as a bored and beautiful bachelorette in 18-century Poland (this story was depicted in the documentary about spiritual regression methodology by colleague and friend Rich Martini, The Flipside).

Then of course was my experience with Michael Newton and his method. Dr. Michael Newton was a personable teacher, revered and yet very modest. He had a charming personality, so naturally, I too was charmed:) by him as many others…. which I find part of what being hypnotic means by the way…and awed by his method and by the wisdom elicited in a trance state (for those who are ready.) He emphasized that we all can “see,” we all can “experience” our past lives, and in between lives, we only need to ask for it, to “allow” it in ourselves, and of course trust what comes. The important thing, was that you can’t have someone else’s experience, even if you read about it, and even if you prepare to have just it. The spiritual regression experience is always uniquely yours, and sometimes unusual. And if you say, thats not what I want… give me another, then all will be taken away, and you sit waiting for another answer with a blank head. ( Been there, done that:) So the important part is to open up to what comes…. How to do that? Michael taught to focus on one idea, image, word, and follow it… Ask to have more… The more you allow the more of the story unfolds. Sometimes all it takes is to start dedicating your attention to just one picture, and one name, or one idea, to start pursuing one scene, and we can begin to know how to see, because we are in the receptive mode, and sometimes we can’t see at all, because something blocks our experience, most of the time its something in our awareness, or perhaps the time is not right, or just plain thought: am I doing it right?… Of course you are doing it right! Because you are.

Nevertheless, Dr. Newton’s method Lives between lives became something of a magic wand of knowing when you put aside the concern of reality, which was key for me that put my various realities together for me.  My many years of using hypnotic trances, particularly in my business of teaching hypnosis to professionals, showed that imagination here is key and they way you use it and focus your attention is the only indicator of how good you can see…. Well, let’s leave it to the class, and now I will say, that the more I use trances  the more it taught me that there is a variety of methods by which we receive information, and it depends on what we are ready and not ready to experience…NOW in this moment, and it – this moment – is truly magical… Magical, yet empowering for present reality. 

A while ago, I lead an LBL journey for John, 58 whose adult son, Andy, 28, died 2 years previously.* His younger daughter, Pamela, 4, told him that she knew that Andy went away because he needed to do something elsewhere… John was bewildered. He started to ask questions which Pamela couldn’t answer, only repeating why do you have to ask questions at all? A successful Wall Street professional my seeker was stunned at a thought that a different world may be out there, wondering if his son continues on… ELSEWHERE… And he started to seek, read, and found books by Michael Newton…

He shared a dream he once had about his son. In his dream he walked hand in hand with his daughter in a park looking for his son. Pamela was leading the way nudging her father to hurry. He could feel himself wondering why they are looking because his knew that Andy was dead.

Suddenly he felt that Andy stood in front of him, life-like and vivid, alive. John stood numb. All he could say was: Andy… What? Why?  Then an amazing thing happened: Andy replied… John felt it with his body, this familiar voice again… and caught a sound of: Dad! I am sorry… I need to do it… it’s important! but I can’t tell you … and he dissipated before John can utter another word.

Is it for us to know what they are up to in that world of wisdom?

In his session John was very tumultuous. After the session he doubted the experience. He wanted it for so long that nothing was easy, and the decision had to be made… Why, he kept asking, …What, he kept wondering, …How, he kept disbelieving…. In the end, he asked for my teaching him to meditate. Later, in one of those meditation John experienced his son again. Andy came dressed as an Angel, and expressed that he has advanced his studies, and thanked his father, for leaving him to do his task. John was the happiest that day.

Another seeker, Maria, 26, a successful broker, of course, very analytical, was about to get married when her fiancee died. She was devastated. She fell into sadness. Her job position was jeopardized. Now she seeks answers, posing questions in her every day life, and receiving answers in her dreams. She has conversations in her dreams with her fiancee. Suddenly dreams stopped. She was curious.

In her session, Maria experienced her fiancee in passing only. Every question directed to him lead to a new differed experience in her trance awareness, a wisdom about building her future, an experience of life as a person, woman and mother, in her potential… After the session she said: I understand what he is trying to show me. I have to move on, live my life, and not wait for him to come back, because by idly waiting I stop all possibility for him to come back to me. An angel dressed in luminescence appeared with the thought that doubt is a not what brings more information. Take the first answer and be with it for a while. As the angel said…. she did.

Life Between Lives LBL Michael Newton and Morrin Bass New York

Dr. Michael Newton and Dr. Morrin Bass

Sidney came from London, for a visit to NYC and looked to have her LBL with  me. She already had experience in meditation. She spoke of a repeated dream of a soldier with a heavy load he carried and complained that its repetition haunts her, disallowing her night rest. We started by entering that same dream. Sidney, 56, couldn’t get comfortable because of the fire engine sirens outside my window… yet suddenly she witnessed a desert battlefield where she was severely wounded. …As she opened her eyes, after her experience, she shared that surprisingly she felt that the trance wasn’t deep as she expected, yet very productive. She thanked me later again in her letter.

Linda, 56, worked in a private clinic near New York. In the past she was a a CEO of one of the big fish companies and now retired she looked to find what she wants to do… Helping others with her own therapeutic model, hands on…  She saw a dream where she runs after a girl and who leads her deeper into the woods, and it is getting dark, and Linda is becoming afraid… The dream repeated. In her session we asked about it. Her guides appeared shaking their heads. Listen, one said, listen to the guidance given to you. Apparently, Linda was not listening to advice given to her through various means, so they came to her in a dream. Her guide showed her the light. She was to be in the light and work with the light and express herself only through light. Linda saw herself with light, as a successful professional, and even commented on her appearance radiating light. She remarked how at ease she feels in her future self image, in the light, and now she knows what to do to make it happen in her present reality.Spiritual regression Morrin Bass New York


>>If you experience curiosity about this methodology, I invite you to write to me so I can help you achieve your experience in your wisdom.


  • Names are changed. For privacy reasons, particularly if you  ever were or planning to be a client, there are no correlations between your experiences or stories in books you read and this blog. There is no intentional offense for any individual, or a group. In compliance with the Ethics Code of TNI, all sessions information is confidential.

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