Gamma Hypnosis

IMO hypnosis and in particular higher consciousness awareness have much to do with physics, particularly with the bio-physics and neuro-biology.
If you take the neuro-physiological state of your body in a hypnotic relaxation:

“In hypnosis, it is possible to stimulate cerebellum to reach the oscillation in brain waves of 80-120Hz called Gamma waves, which are implicated in various research for creating a perception of “unity consciousness”, which in transpersonal experience can be used to achieve higher consciousness information flow states. “ (Wikipedia, GammaWaves)

When oscillation of brain wave measures that high, the state of awareness a person experiences can be described as a state of connection, divinity, universal awareness, higher consciousness. In this state there is an awareness of knowing, and not having to ask questions to receive answers. Something like of what Jiddu Krishnamurti described this way:
“Freedom from the desire for an answer is essential to the understanding of a problem.” (Quote) 
There is no more problem, there are no more questions. There is only a desire to have this blissful, knowing state, and retain a connection with it in the daily life.
The skill of connection and retaining the way of knowing is the next step for those who had experienced spiritual regression. Knowing first hand that keeping the connection with the blissful enlightened state and the guidance, I began to offer the mentoring program for those who desire to learn how to sustain the Light.

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"It's really truly like a switch has just been turned on! :)" Dr. Joe, 57
"Удивительное чудо соединения с собственным "Я"... Наталья, 38
"You helped open the channel for wisdom, and now I feel connected to my soul." Nick, 49
"Dear Morrin, thank you for your important work. You are an amazing being, and a wise teacher! ...In my insightful and very informative session I felt truly connected to my higher self, my purpose and the depth of "ME." I experienced such a download of truly amazing information, that it seems so easy and effortless to connect the dots in my life now. ...This is what I was looking for. Thank you!" Amanda, 46

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Morrin, Many positive experiences have come my way since my LBL session. More in the form of new people and events and awareness than in solutions or acquisitions. ... I was able to listen to our session this morning. Actually, I listened to just a small part of it. I decided to listen to it in chewing, savoring and digesting, so I don't miss anything. The sound of your voice alone gave me a sense of peace. It's most interesting to hear my personality change throughout the session... I'm so grateful to have a chance to listen to it. I can feel myself tapping into my LBL guides on such a personal level. I am re-reading your book ''Staying in the Light". It has taken on a new meaning since my LBL session with you. Thank you! ~Peace and Love

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