Laughter and Humor In Spirit World

You gotta have fun!

Experience: Laughter & humor in the spirit world

Laughter and humor are indeed a precious part of our experience on Earth, and in the spirit world laughter and humor are even more prominent.

In spirit world humor is one of the most recognizable characteristics of being IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Love and humorous remarks are almost always accompany the information gamma state. 

For example, recently working with a client I came upon trying to uncover her guide’s name. She,the client, was reluctant to ask for the name because she thought it is all in her head. (And it is!) Anyway, we asked her guide what her name was. The guide said: “Maria”. The client said, “Why Maria? This sounds too biblical.” The guide ( without my prompts) looked at the client and said: “What would you like me to be called?”

When another client tried to find her soul category of advancement, the guide said: “Do you REALLY need to know that, heh?” and gave a hearty long laughter.

The guides show us that we are looking for the answers for all the wrong reasons.

But the most fun and the most humor is usually detected while up at the counsel’s “chambers”.

At one client’s experience the counsel consisted of 20 members, as the client asked her question, “What is my purpose?” they began to elevate into a visual formation that created a spiral, a funnel floating upward into the light. It looked like they were floating upward and away from where we were. Then they returned. The client contemplated and came up with an answer herself, upon analyzing the session later. During the experience, she watched the formation with amazement, that the important counsel behaved in such wacky way. 

Another client’s guide, saying his good-byes, laid his head on her shoulder, and kissed her on her cheek. 

Yet, another client’s guide told her that she until she learns to laugh, and really bring laughter into her life, they can’t help her. She literally had to practice laughing inside her session (didn’t take much because what they were saying was so funny, we both laughed!) She was told to play and party, and then come back for more answers. “Until then,” they said, “You gotta have fun!”

When we see the serious elders laugh, we begin to realize the mundane fears of the earthly world and learn to elevate higher into laughter. 

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"Dear Morrin, thank you for your important work. You are an amazing being, and a wise teacher! ...In my insightful and very informative session I felt truly connected to my higher self, my purpose and the depth of "ME." I experienced such a download of truly amazing information, that it seems so easy and effortless to connect the dots in my life now. ...This is what I was looking for. Thank you!" Amanda, 46

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