Making a Transition from Decision to Action – It is Now or… Not

 I understand there may be circumstances such as financial that make you perceive that this work may not be urgent for you. Yet, spiritual search is always timed perfectly by the larger Universe. It may be giving you this time to look inside more deeply so you can take a more effective action, once you start on this path.
But you can’t pause to look deeper before you start!

The core of this work that I offer, as I see it being effective with seekers who come to me, if you are curious about a deep experience of your life is not limited to sessions, and begins with your preparation before the sessions. The correspondence with me, with guidance and intention in mind, begins with the questions on what you want, and taking another look at the way, purpose and position of yourself in your philosophy and questions you ask.

When I met Michael Newton, I was already a practicing hypnotherapist with a successful practice, and a professional instructor to those who seek to give  help to others. I did not need another angle in my work. Yet, when I read his book, I knew I had an opening to another world of opportunities, perhaps even deeper than before…. and started to seek a meeting with him, in search for that deeper experience, a larger meaning of my work in the world, and a sense of personal satisfaction on a higher level. An opportunity presented itself very soon, and I was invited to travel to meet him.

It was October, the busiest month of my work. The conference Dr. Newton taught was situated in the warmth of Santa Fe, Arizona, one of my favorite and IMO spiritual places, to which I returned since many times for various reasons. For the Newton Training I arrived a day early and in the morning of the next day I wandered for an early walk in this fascinating place of dim mountains, shiny turquoise, and pink dwellings, before tourists hit the trails. I drove deep into the Santa Fe Bandelier National Park, admiring its untouched beauty, small blue polka dots of flowers among the lush of the green, and the quiet…. Quiet it was! I started to walk, and walking I only heard the dusty crusty rhythm of my steps and the occasional calling of an eagle circling around for an early pray. Soon I came by a natural formation of a wall along the trail. The wall was all covered by small carved by the wind and weather caves.
I quickly climbed to one of them, thanking the impulse to wear my jeans and harness Fryes instead of shorts and sandals. The cave was empty, and just big enough me to fit sitting legs folded. I found myself cross legged facing out. There were three openings openings, and I used one of them to climb inside, above the flowering trail. Now I was sitting quietly for a few moments, gazing into the bushed across. Not a sound, not a wind, not a movement. Suddenly, a veil of a memory touched my eyes with tears of awareness. Gradually I became aware of the noise a whispering crowd outside was making and I saw many people down there on the trail. They looked rugged, some of them were dressed in bright rags, with some intricate woven design.
I heard a whisper letting me know that they all came to see me, for some reason, as they climbed to sit with me for a few moments, one after another. I witnessed myself dispensing herbs in small colored pouches for them to take home, obviously to alleviate various ailments, find relief and calm. People came randomly, and I just sat there, in this cave, cross legged, breathing the cool earthy flavor of rising sun, pine and wet leaves, and raised my eyebrows as I took notice that I no longer wore jeans, but a long drapy cover, and along my shoulders laid braids as black as a raven’s neck. I felt my face more weathered, and my dark hands moving quickly, as if playing my piano, and then coming to rest, as the next person climbed inside… My space had many slouchy bags made of weaved wool, striped colorfully, and filling the air with herbal fragrances in the cool dusk of my cave. My helper was a young girl who lead to me those who sought my help.
She approached me, and I saw distinctly her bare feet, covered with red dust and fluffy hair, and thin wrists,… as I recognized her in my current life. Suddenly, I had crystal, transparent clarity on who I was and I was shown this experience. It seemed as if I know everything without even knowing what it is I know. And one more thing I knew clearly, that I was placed here in this cave to remember that I am to help others get their peace. I was ready for action and I knew what to do next… And as soon as I came to this point, a voice alerted me to my current time. The sun had risen and it was time to go.
In that cave, I realized how important it was for me to stay where I was in my cave so those who knew could come to me, so they could find me. I was the center of their search.  I had access to their finding their peace. The place of that cave was a symbol  I use my sitter as a stable center for myself, where I retreat, to regain my peace, so I can hold that space of peace for others, for those who use my presence as a stabilizing anchor when they seek a basis to theirs. This still holds true in the current life, when we work together.
When  I had to make a decision to take that trip across the country to see Michael Newton for his training I considered either travel now or not, and continue as is, wait until I could allow myself a luxury of another experience/degree/training. And by then, I already had various hypnotherapy degrees, and a few for supplemental modalities, like Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, and all that was laid on top of my MBA in Finance. You see, my search had started a while ago.

The only thing I knew for sure, that I knew enough to know that an opportunity is called that for a reason. And I took it. Later, I found out that I took a place in the last class Michael Newton taught himself, and after that class he retired.

The fascination with the theory of choices, was as much a life work for me, seeking mentors who placed an enormous importance on choices: where to put your attention to achieve what result, because you always get a result, it just depends on where you a headed….

The ways we make a choice, and which decision making strategies we use, are defined by our knowledge of ourselves, who we are.

The action we take define us a person, shaping the direction of our own life experience, created by our choices, deepening our experience and fulfilling our purpose.

The purpose of being here.

The purpose of being who we are. Knowing who we are.

Since then a focus of my work is in spiritual development, where I find myself helpful to others as a mentor, helping others pay attention to the signs in their environment reflecting to their inner response, leading them to create the life they want.

We can start now, once you decide to commit to knowing who you are, so you can make choices in answer to the questions you ask yourself. Or if you decide that holidays time is a good time to start ( New Year’s resolutions time!::)) let us revisit an opportunity to set a date and your registration for you then. I will be in the office by the end of January.Agreed, that motivated self start advances you toward your personal discovery. From Michael Newton himself, and upon further examining his books I learned that timing is everything. My past life experience, which I described above, in the cave, triggered by my being in Santa Fe, would not have been triggered in the next year’s training in Chicago, or in the next year’s training in Australia, to which I am not even sure I would have gone)…. In the cave, I realized how important it was for others to see me keeping this center, and the contribution to the world as a healer, I would not have become what I am today, with a perspective of what I can offer others today. Almost 20 years later, I am still awed and grateful for that impulse decision and the subsequent life experience.
Make your choice now, follow your impulse. It is there for a reason.
With Love and Light,

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