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We all live inside a story. Each story is a personal journey, and is unique. This is a story of who you are, how you view yourself and how you present yourself to the world in your relationship with the world around you, of how you know yourself in the world.

Most people live their lives without knowing who they are, or ever attending to their story. They are willing to accept their story as told to them by their parents, teachers, wives and bosses. They adopt the beliefs and values of the cultural upbringing, family, society at large. They try to fit in the story, fulfilling expectations of others about them.

Suddenly, it strikes them: it usually happen in the second half of your life. You no longer feel comfortable in your story. Where is the fulfilling satisfaction? What is the purpose of all this? What are you supposed to do with your life, and are you doing it? You begin to experience difficulty in making yourself do your work, or experience confusion about your partner of 20 years, even regret your lifestyle. You may even panic about your unfulfilled and forgotten dreams, lost freedom. You may even go as far as quit  your job, get a divorce, or travel around the world, take on a hobby, paint, dance and do pottery, and try to quiet your mind by meditation in a yoga class, but the peace still does not come.

The story no longer fits. The expectations did not come true, the beliefs and values now seem phonie. You are angry, frustrated, sad, … stopped in your tracks.

What’s going on?

The reason you experience this frustrating moment is the existential longing for the meaning of life. The story you are living is not your story. This is why it seems that you don’t have control over your life.

You don’t have the blue-print of how to take control of it. Life just happens to you. Instead of you living your life on purpose with intention.

This is a call for your Hero’s Journey. This is a wake up call. What you do next matters.

Remember Neo in The Matrix? When offered a red pill and a blue pill he was presented with an offer. Take the red one – go on a journey. Unknown things will happen. You don’t know if you will survive. But the boon is the satisfaction of having done it, having lived it, having learned it and perhaps, come back a hero.

Take a blue pill, go back to the beginning, wake up go to work, come home, sleep, do it over again. forget the journey. Forget the unknown. Predictable and expectant. He of course is a hero, so he chooses the red pill. And we, in the front row, live vicariously through the adventures of the brave on the big screen.

This is why movies are such a popular. They are our call to adventure, to our Hero’s journey.

When we accept the call, we step into our journey, we begin to be an author to the story, to write our own story. We take control. Your life does not happen to you anymore. You take control of what is rightfully yours. You begin to make decisions and you begin to describe yourself the way you really are, the way you really want to be, the way you are becoming.

In gamma state you take a different position, a meta-position, and take a look at your life from a perspective of a hero/higher self/soul. You communicate with your soul, receive guidance, discuss the journey, potential lessons that still need to be learned. Beliefs, values and dreams are developed into a strategic set of steps leading up to the transformation, necessary to take control.

Gamma is a perfect state of learning, where the conscious mind steps aside, where the true values and beliefs are ut forward, with humor and the metaphoric symbology, designed only for you, presented to begin the unique communication through experiences in your subconscious. Our personal unconscious desire for satisfaction and fulfillment creates higher purpose, intention, and the possibilities of making it happen.

Taking another look at each life story from a different perspective and through different set of eyes (as in Life Between Lives), or from a different time frame (as in past lives), uncovering skills, and lessons to learn, releasing the limitations, and go over a scenarios of developing personal legacy and fulfillment (future life integration), developing a sequence of integrating ideas and strategies (21-days of discovery, spiritual mentoring) are steps in developing your own personal mythology.

If you noticed that things are not coming easy to you, if you have difficult time resolving, considering, deciding, if you have found yourself confused about your purpose, – it si time to take a fresh look at your story.

Take control of the story of your life. Begin to move in the direction of fulfilling yourself. BE who you always wanted to , the way you want to be. These aren’t just directions. These are possible outcomes for those who are interested and committed to themselves and who want to life their life, fully and as an adventure. Update your personal mythology through your most conducive and easy entertaining way of being: while you mind is in gamma.

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"Dear Morrin, thank you for your important work. You are an amazing being, and a wise teacher! ...In my insightful and very informative session I felt truly connected to my higher self, my purpose and the depth of "ME." I experienced such a download of truly amazing information, that it seems so easy and effortless to connect the dots in my life now. ...This is what I was looking for. Thank you!" Amanda, 46

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