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A former Wall Streeter recommeds mediation

“It is Insanity to continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” 

Albert Einstein

If you dream of something that you don’t have yet, it is normal!

It was humans who had built the world of 21st century technology, including fascinating stories, novels, movies, spaceships, and clothes that carry LCD ads and change colors as we wear them. It all is based on the power of dream. Imagination made this world come true. This reality is built on someone’s dream.

As we continue to dream about new futures, it is important to know two things. Your life is given you for a purpose and to use the time in your life with meaning, to create something powerful, is a function of determination, focus and direction.

And of course, you already are successful, because you are on this page for those who already have the skill of success and yet don’t stop, and are reading, searching, looking how to make your life even more meaningful, how to help the world, and how to utilize your time even more successfully.

As you step into the world of the power of your focus, narrowing your attention to the direction you choose, you must see with laser depth into the desired future with clarity. The next step comes with clarity as you begin to develop spiritual connection to your mindful side of your creativity, and balance the right side of your brain with the left one.

This short yet powerful mandala takes you into the deep layers of your subconscious. The inner chatter stops. All you have to do is sit comfortably, take a deep breath, and click start, and … off you go into the world of training the new skill of focus meditation.

Numerous neuro scientific research shows that our human brain has an untapped potential for deep, meaningful connections to very personal profound resources that we already have, and only need to reactivate. Regular exercises in meditative practices activate these resources, bringing to the awareness the intention you have for your future, and soon you begin to manifest results of creativity, transforming your reality into the desired outcomes you want.

So let’s begin…

Morrin Bass, PhD, is a mentor to successful people who want further success in other areas on their lives.

To work with Morrin on your success strategies, transformational change in your life. achieving your results in short to long term periods, contact her directly with indication of your desired results, that you were not able to create for yourself just yet.

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What Clients Say:

"It's really truly like a switch has just been turned on! :)" Dr. Joe, 57
"Удивительное чудо соединения с собственным "Я"... Наталья, 38
"You helped open the channel for wisdom, and now I feel connected to my soul." Nick, 49
"Dear Morrin, thank you for your important work. You are an amazing being, and a wise teacher! ...In my insightful and very informative session I felt truly connected to my higher self, my purpose and the depth of "ME." I experienced such a download of truly amazing information, that it seems so easy and effortless to connect the dots in my life now. ...This is what I was looking for. Thank you!" Amanda, 46

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What Morrin’s Clients Say:

Morrin, Many positive experiences have come my way since my LBL session. More in the form of new people and events and awareness than in solutions or acquisitions. ... I was able to listen to our session this morning. Actually, I listened to just a small part of it. I decided to listen to it in increments...like chewing, savoring and digesting, so I don't miss anything. The sound of your voice alone gave me a sense of peace. It's most interesting to hear my personality change throughout the session... I'm so grateful to have a chance to listen to it. I can feel myself tapping into my LBL guides on such a personal level. I am re-reading your book ''Staying in the Light". It has taken on a new meaning since my LBL session with you. Thank you! ~Peace and Love

Morrin Bass, Book, Staying In the Light – 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul, click to order from Amazon.com

Morrin Bass, Staying In the Light - 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul, book, order on Amazon.com

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