Which Truth Is True?

non-ordinary reality with morrin bass
In your session of spiritual regression with me you experience a non-ordinary reality. It feels and looks real, and the guides that converse with you look and speak real language, giving you audible advice an tangible sensations. It is a very real experience.
In my own intention to develop further my spiritual practice, I often have my spiritual regression updates. Recently I had an experience, and I am guided to share with you what came up for me. Not so much the experience itself is important here, as what came up upon my return to the ordinary reality. The same question came up.
I was reminded that many of you ask me this question:  is it true?
Let’s see now. What is true? The reality you live in, or the reality of the extra-ordinary experience in a spiritual regression?
What do we know about reality? What is real?
The short answer is – YES, it is real. Both realities are real. The non-ordinary reality you experience in your spiritual regression and the experience of your daily life is real too.
The non-ordinary reality is only non-ordinary because it is unusual.
If you go to a church, or temple, there is an altered reality situation. You begin to behave and comply by the rules established for that non-ordinary space. There you have your religious experiences. There is different clothes, objects, and smells that support that non-ordinary reality.
If you go to a movie-theater, there is another set of rules, and by those is created yet another non-ordinary reality. Think of some other non-ordinary realities created for you by a space: theater, library, school, airport…
How do we know which one is more real?
Which one do you wish were more real?
How do you know you are alive, and in which reality do you actually live?
We all live inside a story we are telling ourselves. Which one is the real story? What is the story you are telling yourself?

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Morrin, Many positive experiences have come my way since my LBL session. More in the form of new people and events and awareness than in solutions or acquisitions. ... I was able to listen to our session this morning. Actually, I listened to just a small part of it. I decided to listen to it in increments...like chewing, savoring and digesting, so I don't miss anything. The sound of your voice alone gave me a sense of peace. It's most interesting to hear my personality change throughout the session... I'm so grateful to have a chance to listen to it. I can feel myself tapping into my LBL guides on such a personal level. I am re-reading your book ''Staying in the Light". It has taken on a new meaning since my LBL session with you. Thank you! ~Peace and Love

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