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Sometimes I am really curious about what my new clients are experiencing in the journey of life between lives. What makes the basis for reality? What is reality?

In my meditations, I join the newbies to help them along the journey to believe. I know if I live my truth, it shows not only in my personality, but in my life with various manifestations of abundance and love. I believe, by helping my seekers believe, the wisdom comes easier to them, and they begin to see, how true the reality beyond reality is.

This morning I needed to get ready for my sessions particularly quickly, ahhh, where does the time go????

Yet I decided I still have time for my usual connection, I know it would only take a few minutes. I looked at the clock, it showed 8:24. I asked for the Light to take me to the highest wisdom and immediately I was in my familiar place with my Counsel winking at me, as if they never left their seats. (I wonder, if they ever do?)

The conversation we subsequently had went on in a blink. Although it seemed that hours passed by, that is how much I learned, I arose filled with joy, rejuvenation and wisdom, and the clock still showed 8:24. I knew time can stretch when I join wisdom energy, this was the wonderful confirmation of earth time to stand still while in another dimension I spend the needed hours to learn the wisdom.

So I will tell you about some of this conversation, as I remember it quite clearly. It started with this:

Morrin: So many people ask this question, I thought I would ask it too, just to re-experience it again….. Am I on the right path?

Immediately the answer was:

W: Of course! You are always on the right path!

M: Which path is it?

W: The path is Light, and you know it. (Wink, wink.)

I love it that they wink at me, it makes me feel playful, as they always are! Taking things lightly and playfully, it part of being in the right place, and knowing it…..

M: Who am I? (Another popular question…)

W: You are Light!

The answer was so immediate, that I don’t even know what came first, the words or the experience of brightness of light. I looked at myself and I was Light, so bright and blilliant, almost hurt my eyes. I thought, hey, that’s pretty!

M: What is my purpose? ( Yet another prominent question in early journeying to between lives…)

W: To shine! (The answer came so quickly, I barely had time to finish my question!)

Well, that’s kind of obvious, don’t you think? Nonetheless, surprising…. like everything always is there….Even the winking.

M: What’s my next step? ( I haven’t asked this question in many years!!!)

W: Stay in the Light! (was the answer, also very quickly…)

Ahhh, so peaceful, so pleasant, so deeply satisfying….

M: Ok, mmm… How do I make it happen? ( Finally I came up with another common question.)

W: Smile to yourself, see your beauty. See beauty around. Connect. Love. Be.

…Ok, got it! Here is one!

M: What happens if I loose it? What if I forget?

W: Remember!

M: What do I do when things are sad, scary or frustrating?

W: Let them be!

M: Hey, I don’t want to! How do I stop it?

W: Don’t stop it! Let it run its course. Let it be. Light will come.

M: But I don’t want to! I want it to be light, always!

W: Eventually the light will shine on those, and you will see, how silly is to be away from light.

M: Can I make it happen sooner?

W: Sure! Light is always within your reach.

M: How do I keep the Light?

W: You don’t. You stay with it. It is always there for you. But you are the one to make the choice.

M: Ahhh, thanks!

W: Always!

M: Please stay with me today!

W: As always!

Another wink.




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"It's really truly like a switch has just been turned on! :)" Dr. Joe, 57
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"Dear Morrin, thank you for your important work. You are an amazing being, and a wise teacher! ...In my insightful and very informative session I felt truly connected to my higher self, my purpose and the depth of "ME." I experienced such a download of truly amazing information, that it seems so easy and effortless to connect the dots in my life now. ...This is what I was looking for. Thank you!" Amanda, 46

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Morrin, Many positive experiences have come my way since my LBL session. More in the form of new people and events and awareness than in solutions or acquisitions. ... I was able to listen to our session this morning. Actually, I listened to just a small part of it. I decided to listen to it in increments...like chewing, savoring and digesting, so I don't miss anything. The sound of your voice alone gave me a sense of peace. It's most interesting to hear my personality change throughout the session... I'm so grateful to have a chance to listen to it. I can feel myself tapping into my LBL guides on such a personal level. I am re-reading your book ''Staying in the Light". It has taken on a new meaning since my LBL session with you. Thank you! ~Peace and Love

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